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Maryland Wing Operations Staff

Asst. DCS A3/Air Requirements Div. - Lt Col John Henderson

Assistant A3 - Bay Patrol - Capt Charles Summers

Assistant A3 - Glider Operations Officer - Lt Col Brian Collins

Assistant A3 - Aircraft Maintenance Officer - Capt John Ralph

                      Asst A/C Maintenance Officer - Major H. Dalton

Assistant A3 - DOV/ Stan/Eval Officer - Maj Pete Loewenheim

                      Asst Stan/Eval Officer - Lt Col T. Valillo

Assistant A3 - Flight Time Reporting - Capt Curtis Berry

Assistant A3E - Emergency Services - Major Michael Zabetakis

A3EA: Air Search and Rescue Officer - Vacant

A3EG: Ground Search and Rescue Officer - Capt Justin Gronert

A3ED: Disaster Relief Officer - Lt Col John Johnson

A3EC: CISM Coordinator - Capt Brenda Martin

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