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Communications Nets

Maryland Wing, Middle East Region, National Headquarters, and other Wings and Regions conduct routine VHF and HF Nets.  These Nets are typically Directed Nets, with a designated Net Control Station (NCS).  The person serving as the NCS controls the flow of communications and information.

All personnel and units with associated equipment are encouraged to participate in any of these Nets.  Personnel transiting other states during their Wing Nets are encouraged to participate in their Nets as well.

Please check this page periodically as Net schedules and Channels may change.  For example, National will begin to offer HF nets on Saturdays.

Maryland Wing VHF Net

VHF  Repeater Net
Tues and Thurs: 1915-1930
Directed Net

Starts on R21 at 1915, then moves to R11, R20, and R33 when relay stations are available.  Net must end at 1930 to avoid interference with DE wing nets which start at 1930 utilizing all three of their repeaters.

Northern Virginia (Group 3) net is Sundays at 1930 on R14.  Nat Cap net is 2000 on Sundays on R16.

Maryland Wing HF Net

Channel: MED
Thurs: 1945-1959
Directed Net

Combined net with MD, DE and Nat Cap wings

Maryland Wing may periodically run an Automated Link Establishment (ALE) Exercise.

Middle East Region HF Message Net

Channel: MED
Mon, Wed & Fri:  0900
Directed Net

National HF Message Net

Channel:  NRC/NRD/NRB
Mon thru Fri: 0900
Directed Net

Channel:   NRC/NRD/NRB
Mon thru Fri: 1500
Directed Net

Channel:  NRC/NRD/NRB
Mon thru Fri: 2100
Directed Net

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